Lungu blocks GBM from holding meetings in Kasama

Lungu blocks GBM from holding meetings in Kasama

imagePresident Edgar Lungu has ordered police in Kasama never to allow Kasama Central MP Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) to hold any meetings in his constituency.

By law and according to parliamentary procedures, a sitting MP does not need a permit to hold meetings in his area.

GBM, who is also UPND Vice-President, his case is still in courts of law and hence he is still sitting MP until the courts rules otherwise.

In any case one does not need to be an MP to enjoy his her right to assemble or hold political rallies.

But while GBM has been denied permits in Kasama which is his home village, his PF competitor Kelvin Sampa has been freely holding several meetings in the area and has been making donations in the area with stolen money from Lungu’s Lebanese financiers.

Sampa is basically a known crook who was involved in motor vehicle scam with during the MMD regime. Sampa is also the boyfriend to Lugnu’s daughter Tasila, the girl who looks like the actor in the gods must be crazy.

GBM had notified the police of his intentions to hold meeting in Kasama next week, but the police rejected the notification citing ‘unstable security in the ground.’
What the police mean by this is the ground is not stable for PF.


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