Lungu blocks Musenge from registering political party

Edgar Lungu has instructed the Registrar of Societies not to accept any application for Registration of a Political Party by expelled PF Member Mwenya Musenge or his associates. A source from Ministry of Home Affairs has disclosed. The source said Ms Mhende the Registrar of Societies and a Mr. Nyirongo The Registrar General were given the instructions through Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo at a meeting at Ministry of Home Affairs last week. ” Last week a meeting was called at the Ministry of Home Affairs by the Minister and invited the Registrar General Mr. Nyirongo and the Registrar of Societies Ms. Mhende. They were instructed not to register any political party linked to Mwenya Musenge or his associates” the source said. The source said Kampyongo told the meeting that he had instructions from State House. The source further disclosed that after the meeting, Information Minister Kampamba Mulenga was then asked by State House to travel to Copperbelt to organise a solidality march dubbed Lungu for 2021. The source wondered why Mwenya Musenge should be stopped from registering a political party when the PF said he was not a factor. ” The question is why deny him that right when they say he is not a factor. The fact is that there are so many PF members who are not happy with the way Lungu is running the party especially the invasion of MMD members and Musenge and Chishimba Kambwili are receiving a lot of sympathy from these PF members” the source said.


  • Instead of working you’re fighting opposition,start working coz you have remain with 4years 7days to vacate that offices,

  • no problem musenge is not desperate just tell lungu to stop hide and seek

  • God will expose the state house soon

  • Mr musenge we behind u

  • Musenge has a democratic right to form a party! They are now scared of their own shadows! Instead of concentrating on the running of government!