Lungu buys all football fans tickets


Outgoing President Edgar Lungu has bought all the thousands of football match tickets for today’s game between Zambia and Congo.

But it is not clear whether the ones who bought tickets in advance will be refunded.

Lungu is desperate for votes now and is busy dishing out cash with his wife Esther to a point where is capable of paying lobola for those wishing to marry.

Sources say Lungu now has so much personal cash with his wife and daughter Tasila yet he could not afford presidential nomination fees barely a year ago.

And now he has increased his personal salary again despite serious economic challenges the country is facing.

But despite all these extravagances, salaries for civil servants are paid late..
This is how incompetent rulers behave, instead of empowering people though job and businesses, he impoverishes everybody then stands giving handouts do that he can be seen as the saviour. And certainly some hungry mouths will appreciate this.

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