Lungu buys Sikanze police camp land

Outgoing President Edgar Lungu has bought and acquired Sikanze Police camp in Lusaka as his perisobal. Lungu is using Chinese Road Construction Company Avic Construction to acquire Sikanze camp land which they will convert into a shopping mall and office park, then government will   Renting office spaces to Lungu.
Avic Construction has already moved on site in Sikanze Police camp and has  started with the land known as B4 which was a camp for mobile police unit.
As part of the deal, Avic has also procured a lot of PF campaign materials and provided huge funding to the PF.
The tittle deed to the land is currently being processed at the ministry of lands in the name of Avic Contruction but it actually belongs to President Lungu where they want to contruct a shopping mall and housing complex where government will be renting.
Immediately after elections, should Lungu win, he intends to completely demolish Sikanze Police camp and take the officers in the compounds where they will be renting houses.

Lungu’s wealth recently shocked the country as he almost tripled what he declared in the last elections in January barely one year and half in office.

He is now among the richest Zambians, when he could not afford nomination fees for his presidency in the run up to the last elections.

With these new properties, he will be the richest Zambian by the end of his presidency should he win elections by crooked means.

Slumdog millionaire indeed.

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