Lungu ‘buys’ UPND chair for security

After being rejected by the grassroots in Chilanga, UPND chairperson for Security retired captain Cosmos Moono has decided to run to the Patriotic Front.

Sources say Moono is expected to defect on Sunday next week and has been given $250,000 cool cash and some vehicles to buy UPND members whom President Lungu will present at the rally as defectors.
The PF had no candidate for Chilanga until now so they have welcomed Moono with both hands.

For his part, Moono has been cheating the PF that he will give them sensitive information they can use to kill HH.

“The defection of captain Moono to PF poses a very serious security threat to the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and the entire UPND party as the Moono will disclose every sensitive information about HH to President Lungu. HH’s life will now be at risk”, warned the source.

“It’s unbelievable to see how Lungu is wasting tax payers money to buy people. Lungu has finally manged to buy Captain Mono from Chilanga at a ver high price to stand on PF ticket”, added the source.

Sources say on Monday 9th May 2016, President Lungu had a meeting with Captain Mono at a Mika Hotel in Kabulonga .Lungu managed to give Captain Moono 3 Ford Ranger 2015 models and $250,000 cool cash in order to ditch the UPND and Join PF. The money will also be used to buy prominent UPND Members to join the party.

The Captain is now reported to be all over with his new acquired wealthy boasting around how is going to defeat Keth Mukata in Chilanga. Captain Moono was until Monday this week the chaiperson for security for UPND.

In 2001, he was elected as MP for Chilanga under UPND but was defeated by Ngande Magande in 2006 and again by Keith Muktata in 2011.

The source said Captain Mono is preparing to jump to PF on Sunday (16th May 2016) at the PF rally and President Lungu is going to be there as well. At the rally, Moono is expected to denounce HH and will fake close to 1000 PF members as having defected with him.
The news of his defection will be all over ZNBC, Zambian Daily Mail, Daily Nations and many PF controlled media.
“State House will then be parading Captain Moono and Richard Kapita to denounce HH on ZNBC TV just like Chishimba Kambwili is doing”, concluded the source

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