Lungu camp agrees to go to convention

After three weeks of resisting to go to the convention, the PF faction led by Edgar Lungu has finally agreed to. Lungu’s team accepted the terms during a central committee meeting chaired by acting president Guy Scott at State House around midday on today. Lungu’s team requested that the conquering ‘cartel’ to at least use the 2011 register of delegates.

Here is what the PF constitution says about delegates to elect a president:

General Conference Composition

69. The General Conference shall be attended by: (a) all members of the National Council;

(b) up to 600 delegates from each Province selected in accordance with the rules made by the Central Committee.

General Conference Functions

70. The General Conference shall:

(a) elect the President of the Party as well as Members of the Central Committee; (b) Formulate and revise Party policies and programmes;

(c) amend or approve or adopt Party Constitution;

(d) defend and orientate general policies for the nation’s development;

(e) consider and approve five-year or long-term National Development Plans.

71. The decision of the General Conference shall be valid and obligatory for the Party, government and Public institutions.

72. The Chairman of National Council shall be the Chairman of any General Conference held during his term of office.

73. The agenda for the General Conference shall be prepared by the Central

Committee approved by the National Council and adopted by the General Conference.

74. The General Conference shall make its own Standing Orders.

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