Lungu camp attacks GBM, thinks he is a ‘god’

PF president Edgar Lungu’s faction has launched an attack on former defence minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba regarding his business prowess.

Speaking on Radio Mano in Kasama Tuesday evening, former Kasama Central MP Savior Chishimba, who is part of Lungu’s campaign team in Northern Province, said Lungu is a humble man compared to some businessman, who claims to be a ‘small god’ in apparent reference to Mwamba.

Mwamba, who is incumbent Kasama MP, once caused an uproar for comparing his popularity in PF to a ‘small god’ after he resigned from PF government as defence minister.

The lawmaker was also one of the presidential hopefuls who wanted to lead the PF in next month’s presidential by-elections but lost to Miles Sampa on a parallel general conference.

Chishimba, a bitter person after he was forced to relinquish his PF parliamentary seat in 2009, said some individuals think they can buy leadership through their wealth.

This indirect attack on Mwamba may not go down well especially that Lungu is supposed to hold a public rally in Kasama on Wednesday afternoon.

And Chishimba has blamed commercial farmers for PF government’s failure to pay peasant farmers their dues on time after they sold maize to FRA.

He said the ‘big’ farmers offloaded a lot of maize to Food Reserve Agency at the expense of small scale farmers and received most of monies released by government.

Chishimba’s excuse is in sharp contrast statements given by the PF Government on delay to pay farmers their dues on tim

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