Lungu campaigns in what he mistakes as HH’s village


President Lungu has directed the Minister of General Education to immediately visit Bweengwa Primary School to assess it’s physical infrastructure which he regretted was in a bad state.
Chief Hamusonde of Bweengwa informed the president that the school at which he was being received was one of the oldest in the country and some prominent figures had been educated there.
Later a public rally at the school grounds President Lungu told the people who went to see what he looks like that it was a shame that one opposition leader (HH) who boast about his personal riches was educated here but had done nothing to uplift the school infrastructure.
‘Now as President I can assure you that I will use state resources to uplift the outlook of the school. I am sending the minister of general education to come here and uplift the school.’

That is how misinformed Lungu is. The truth is that HH went to a primary school called ‘Mooya’ 20 kilometres to the south of the Bweengwa primary where Lungu was talking crap from.

We wonder what kind of intelligence Lungu has?

If Lungu was honest enough to visit Mooya, he would have seen for himself that HH has even built a clinic there, though it is the responsibility of government not rich men to build public infrastructure. Lungu himself has not build anything in his mother’ s home village in Mozambique.
In Chawama where Lungu used to imbibe jamason from, there is currently a cholera outbreak so why didn’t he build proper toilets there?

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