Lungu can’t fire Chitotela because he is part of his corruption

Lungu can’t fire Chitotela because he is part of his corruption

Fred M’membe writes👇

British High Commissioner to Zambia Fergus Cochrane-Dyet says while the Anti-Corruption Commission’s arrest of those accused of corruption has sent a signal to the international community, and that an “even stronger signal” would be sent if infrastructure development minister Ronald Chitotela was fired.

High Commissioner Cochrane-Dyet says “there’s no better test of a government’s commitment to fighting corruption than its willingness to prosecute high-profile individuals, whether they are ministers, whether they are senior military officials”.

The Law Association of Zambia and many other institutions and individuals have expressed similar views. They are all saying Chitoleta should be fired from government.

Edgar Lungu has heard them, but has done nothing about Chitotela. Why?

The Drug Enforcement Commission or the Anti Corruption Commission cannot fire Chitoleta from government. It’s only Edgar who can do that.

Edgar says Chitoleta is innocent until proven guilty and should be allowed to have his day in court. That is not in dispute – it is the basis of our law. But Chitoleta is an accused person; he has been arrested by the Drug Enforcement Commission on corruption charges.

What would happen to Chitoleta if the Drug Enforcement Commission decided to deny him bond and he is also denied bail by the court? Would he continue to be a minister in remind prison?

If Edgar’s jurisprudence was followed no one would be locked up in police cells or remand prison because they are innocent until proven guilty.

We all know this is nonsense. And even Edgar, as a lawyer, knows very well that his arguments for not firing Chitoleta don’t make legal sense. Actually, one doesn’t need to be a lawyer to see that Edgar’s reasoning is very faulty. But is Edgar really that dull to fail to see that his reasoning is jaundiced?

Yes, he has eyes but he can’t see! He is blinded by corruption, greed and politics. Edgar has lost sense of right and wrong.

We have a President with no values, principles or standards. He is simply propelled by political expediency.

For now it is not expedient for Edgar to politically part company with Chitoleta given the political dynamics in Luapula Province.

And we shouldn’t forget that Chitoleta runs a ministry – Works and Supply – where most of the corruption of Edgar’s regime take place. All the construction works are under Chitoleta!

The corruption going on in Edgar’s government doesn’t exclude him. Edgar has declared wealth that is far beyond his earned income. This, in itself, is prima facie evidence of Edgar’s corruption. Edgar has failed to explain the source of his sudden wealth.

It is also very well known that Edgar’s family members have become very wealthy over this short period he has been President. How?

The truth is Edgar is corrupt and can therefore not be expected to fight corruption. Fighting corruption would be tantamount to fighting himself.

Edgar didn’t fire Chishimba Kambwili from his government because of corruption. It was over political differences – Kambwili’s opposition to his third term bid.

The corruption charges against Kambwili were merely intended to reduce his political speed and capacity.

Edgar is used to the stench of corruption – it can’t suffocate him; he lives in the sewage of corruption. Look at how many corrupt elements surround him! Who around Edgar is clean?

If Edgar truly believed in the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, why did he treat Hakainde Hichilema as a person guilty of treason before even being arrested and charged?

Look at how Edgar mistreated Hakainde over trumped up and very stupid treason charges!

How do lock up someone has not been proved guilty in Mukobeko Maximum Prison and claim to be highly committed to the principle of one being innocent until proven guilty?

That is how liars and crooks are; they can’t keep up with their lies and deception. They easily forget what they did and said yesterday and get caught in their web of lies and deception!

And Edgar is proving to be a shameless liar.

There’s no need for him to try and hide behind some senseless jurisprudence. Let him just keep his corrupt friend Chitoleta in his stinking and corrupt government without trying to belittle the intelligence of the Zambian people.

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