‘Lungu can’t win elections, PF needs another candidate’

‘Lungu can’t win elections, PF needs another candidate’


Chilufya Chitalu

Laura Miti

President Lungu’s welcome press conference yesterday, unfortunately, showed again how he lacks the tools to deal with the multiple problems facing Zambia.

He is at sea about how to deal with an economy that is flat lining largely because of overborrowing, reckless expenditure and straight out corruption carried by his administration.

Then, his views on the contentious issues dividing the country like #Bill10, abuse of the Public Order Act by the police, respect of court rulings are dangerous for stability.

Again, I conclude that the PF are best advised to replace EL in the 2021 election. It just makes no sense to go into an election with a candidate needing to explain so much he has got wrong.

I am certain that, if the PF decided to, they could find a candidate with limited personal garbage – one who could win them an election without the massive electoral irregularities needed to assure an EL win.

Simply, EL cannot win a free and fair election.

On the other hand, a rebranded PF under a solid candidate still could.

All that said, a view I strongly hold is that, if EL does the right thing for Zambia and does not stand in 2021, he should be left alone to enjoy his retirement. No court cases, no harassment. We should give the man due respect as a former President.

If we get a new competent President in 2021, all our energies should go to rebuilding Zambia because gosh, this Zambia is on life support.

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