Lungu challenged on ritual murders


Though he knows that the ritual murders are conducted by PF senior officials , Inspector general of PF police Kakoma Kanganja is offering a k50,000 reward to anyone who will help the police with information that will lead to the arrest of the suspected ritual killers in Lusaka district.

This is just to cheat people, the people behind these ritual murders are government officials and may Kanganja is one of them.

Kanganja claims that the ritual killers that has forced residents of George compound to live in fear are not invisible.
He said the killers need to be stopped and made to realise that the life of a human being is precious and no one had the right to take it. Indeed.

“As police service we are determined to catch the people behind these continued killings and bring them to book because no one is above law and we will soon close in on there killers and that is why we want to work with members of the public”,he said.
But UPND Lusaka district youth wing vice secretary has challenged president Edgar Lungu to give the nation an address on the continued killings.
Bwalya says that it is unfortunate that the head of state has not bothered to talk about the people that are been brutally murdered on a daily basis.
He says as the commander in chief of the armed forces in the country president Edgar Lungu should be in the fore front against the ritual killings.
Bwalya added that president Lungu and the ministry of defence should prioritize the issue of people been murdered in such a manner.
“People are been slaughtered on a daily basis and it is important that the head of state should take time off his busy schedule and address the matter”,he said.
Bwalya said that it is not right that only Patriotic Front members are the only ones that will live peacefully in a nation that is meant for all.

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