Lungu challenged to reduce price of Chibuku since he owns taverns and bars

Outgoing President Edgar Lungu has been challenged to use his newly acquired wealth to set up a milling plant and cattle ranches and bring down the prices of meali meal and beef products.
The challenge has been thrown at President Lungu by UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka in reaction to Lungu’s challenge last weekend for UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to reduce prices of beef products and meali meal in reference to the businesses that the two run.
Katuka has further challenged President Lungu to lead by example by reducing the price of Chibuku opaque beer and house rentals since he owns a chain of bars, taverns and houses.
‘We are told he owns a chain of houses, bars and taverns, and car washes so we look forward to seeing an immediate reduction in the prices of Chibuku and other beers, as well as reduction in house rentals in Zambia,’ Katuka charged.
Katuka said since President Lungu seems to be a business genius who has tripled his business empire in such a short time while most businesses where struggling, he can easily invest in these businesses and help the suffering masses as he has scolded others for not doing.
He said it was hypocritical of President Lungu to ignore the fact that Mr Hichilema and Geoffrey Mwamba have slowly been growing their businesses for more than 30 years, unlike him who has amassed a huge amount of wealth in just one year of his presidency.
‘Essentially Lungu has grown his wealth by well over 100 percent in a space of 18 months. If that is not witchcraft then we do not know what it is,’ Katuka said.
Katuka noted that Lungu and his PF colleagues have been posturing and cheating Zambians that they were poor and that they cared for the poor people.
He charged that for Lungu to increase his personal wealth by over 100 percent in 18 months was nothing short of a Guinness world record.
Lungu’s ‘official’ wealth has doubled from k10.9 million (Billion in old currency) to 23.7 million in just one and a half years.
Several other properties that Lungu has acquired in the past one year have been ‘hidden’ from his official loot to avoid suspicion.

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