Lungu commended for noticing Sata’s nepotism

Dear Editor,

I have so far been carefully studying Edgar Lungu’s statements since coming to power and some of his actions.

Not long ago, Lungu seemingly accused his predecessor Michael Sata of having damaged Zambia’s international standing abroad and that he would embark on extensive travels to mend it. Indeed he has so far undertaken so many trips abroad and has invited Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete who equally accepted to visit him.

But Lungu’s striking statement so far has been that of high levels of nepotism in government which he says he wants to dismantle. It is not long ago that many regions in the country complained that then President Michael Sata was only appointing his tribesmen and relatives in all key positions.

The trend by late Sata was so stinking that in some instances, you would find the entire Board of Directors such as that of Energy Regulation Board (ERB) comprised people from one region only (see attached here. Never mind that lady Mrs. Judith Tembo, she is actually Judith Kamanga married to Mr. Tembo).

Today, you can go to any foreign mission abroad and you will find Sata had only put people predominantly from one region.

In short, Lungu is again correct to condemn Sata’s ills and bad governance where 90 percent of Sata’s cabinet was drawn from one region.

But when people complained, Sata said he was balancing brains not tribes, as if other tribes had no people that could occupy some positions.

It is therefore a welcome move for Lungu to quickly dismantle Sata’s tribal empire that has permeated into the entire civil service, and other government wings plus government contracts. 

Roderick Phiri

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