Lungu committed crime when he forced public institutions to donate to PF

Public Accounts Committee chairperson Getrude Imenda says the parliamentary Committee will raise audit queries on the 73 public institutions that donated to the PF during last weekend’s golf tournament at State House.

Last weekend, the PF held a golf tournament at State House where teams of four were paying K50,000 and 73 public institutions ‘contributed’.  But Imenda said it was criminal for President Edgar Lungu and the PF to get money from already “limping” parastatals to finance their political cause ahead of the 2016 general elections. “Yes, these parastatals, which are quasi-government institutions, most of them are limping. Money has been pumped into them and there are serious audit queries and then they go and sponsor a golf tournament for the PF at State House! What are they [Lungu and the PF] taking Zambians for, these people? What is the PF government taking Zambians for, if I may ask again?” Imenda wondered. “Really that’s a very serious breach of trust and as PAC, we shall raise audit queries about this. Using money from the Treasury to fund the PF? It’s criminal and it should not be allowed! Zambians must stop being docile; they should stop this. As a country, we should not condone this. I think we should find a way, Zambians should protest.” She said Zambians should be vigilant not to let such dastardly criminal acts to pass simply because some of them could be bought easily.


Imenda noted that only a few greedy individuals were benefiting at the expense of the rest of the citizenry. “We shall raise all these issues. As chairperson of the PAC, I eagerly wait to see what the Auditor-General will say but first of all, we want the government to address serious audit queries that were there because these parastatals are limping…and I hope Zesco is not one of those that made a donation,” she said. “We are suffering untold load-shedding and one would not expect Zesco to misuse money in such a manner right now. Does Zesco have money to sponsor the PF? No! Not at all! That’s a very serious breach of trust; it’s lack of leadership for the President to allow such a thing. In any case, we don’t have leadership at all and that’s a fact, yes!” Imenda said the President should preoccupy himself with how he should deal with the  failing economy instead of abusing public institutions to fund his political campaigns.  She warned that State House should not be used by a political party in government for its political activities because it was a government establishment. “So does it mean now that even us as ADD, we will also be allowed to go and hold a fundraising golf tournament at State House? Yes, that’s a precedent that President Lungu is setting, which is not correct. President Lungu should not be allowed to abuse State House to raise money for the PF; it’s not a PF institution, the PF found that establishment already, so if they are going to open it to that level, then they should also allow every other political party to use it in that fashion,” said Imenda.

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