Lungu condemned for supporting murderer Kabila

Lungu condemned for supporting murderer Kabila

– He tried to protect Mugabe
– Tried to protect Zuma
– Now he is protecting mass murderer Kabila
Edgar Lungu says he would want to see the international community allow the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to sort out its own issues.
He claimed that he has seen heightened interest by the international community in DRC’s affairs which he says should not be interfered with.
Lungu was telling DRC dictator Joseph Kabila who arrived in Zambia on Saturday
It is totally misconceived and diminishing the standing of Zambia amongst the dignified council of nations for President Edgar Lungu to be the one asking the international community to stop meddling in the political impasse in the Congo DRC. The political stalemate in the Congo requires international intervention.

Mr Lungu’s limited and poor Judgement on international affairs is lowering our country’s standing and the profile that is associated with the country.
He got it wrong in Zimbabwe where he insisted on Robert Mugabe remaining President by threatening to intervene. Again in the recent past, he asked South Africans to Keep Corrupt Zuma in office.
In Kenya, he was the first President who congratulated Uhuru Kenyatta in the first controversial round contradicting even the position of the African Union. Before even the dust settled he was already airborne to attend the swearing-in Ceremony only to learn that the election was nullified by the courts.

It is shameful for Zambia to appear to be supporting an illegitimate President whose mandate long expired in 2016. He deserves no red carpet treatment or official Presidential treatment. Zambia shouldn’t be the perfect breeding ground for dictators refusing to hold elections or refusing to leave office when their term of office expires.
The views expressed by President Edgar Lungu do not reflect the national consensus of the people of Zambia.

Our unsolicited counsel to Mr Joseph Kabila is that he needs to respect the wish of the People of Congo DRC by ensuring that he holds and respects the constitution.
The international community will always take keen interest where citizens are being butchered in the backyard by a blood thirst monster refusing to relinquish power.

The International Criminal Court-ICC must take a specially keen interest in the unraveling political situation in the Congo where potentially there are persons of interest to the court.

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