Lungu confirms PF will choose presidential candidate at convetion

PF Secretary General Edgar Lungu has confirmed that the ruling party will choose its candidate for the presidential by-election at a convention and not boardroom as some people thought.

The Watchdog explained Thursday morning that upto 6000 delegates would elect the new PF leader who will be the automatic by-election candidate. See the article here

In a statement Thursday afternoon, Lungu said the PF leadership would select its presidential candidate in a free, fair and transparent process by allowing anyone who wants to be a contender, the chance to do so.

He said the entirety of party delegates will have the opportunity to openly elect their own leader.

He also talked about maintaining peace and blah blah blah…

The Watchdog believes that this is where Edgar Lungu has lost it to the Cartel. The cartel hit the ground the moment Sata died. Lungu ‘innocently’ believes that the clique surrounding him is doing the groundwork for him but he will soon wake up to a rude shock.

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