Lungu continues enjoying himself in USA

Central African Republic Interim President Catherine Samba- Panza yesterday cut short her trip to the United Nations General Assembly to attend to national matters.

This follows a spate of violence between Christian and Muslim groups that have left over 30 people dead after a Muslim taxi driver was shot dead.

Central African Republic has been wrecked in violence since the mainly Muslim Seleka group seized power in March 2013.

She was appointed Interim President in 2014.

Meanwhile Zambian President Edgar Lungu has remained in New York at a time the country is facing what Felix Mutati has described as an unprecedented crisis as the Kwacha continues nose diving at an alarming rate.

When President Lungu left for New York a dollar was close to K10 but at the rate its losing value by the time he comes back it may be well over K16.

Retailers and wholesalers in Chipata have resolved to increase prices of everything due to the deteriorating of the economy.

And, While  President Edgar Lungu carried musicians, dancers and party cadres to the United Nations General Assembly, Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta carried business people and has since secured US$4 billion from US investors on the sidelines of the UN Summit.

Lungu hired a private jet to US costing billions of Kwacha and is busy entertaining cadres, musicians dancers and will come back without any investment pledges in any sector.

Like the playful and gambling person he is, Lungu was even selling his personal clothes including his stupid hat.·

Meanwhile the Zambian economy is on its knees with the Kwacha performance the worst in the world now but the PF government now keep claiming only God will serve the country while Lungu keeps getting a salary that should ideally be meant for God since He is the one working and not Lungu.

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