Lungu cracking deals with Findlay in Kenya

Lungu cracking deals with Findlay in Kenya

There is growing anxiety among security officials in Zambia on Edgar Lungu’s secret trip to Kenya.

Lungu is said to have gone for medication in Kenya after vomiting the whole previous night.

But now more details are emerging that Lungu is also cracking oil deals with Valden Findlay and others. Findlay is the owner of Chrismah hotel and one of the businessmen holding Lungu ‘hostage’.

The deals being cracked in Nairobi involves about $500 million and entails supplying oil to Zambia. So the meeting in Nairobi is agreeing on kickbacks, then the ministry of energy will be told to issue a fake call for tenders.

Lungu left behind most of his closest aides such as his spokesman Amos Chanda and ministry of foreign affairs but carried Valden Findlay and Kaizer Zulu.

He also left his wife Easter behind but probably carried his Swazi concubine.

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