Lungu creates five more ministries

Lungu creates five more ministries

President Edgar Lungu has created five more ministries adding more costs to his already bloated cabinet. This is all part of his plans to appease more cadres by giving them political jobs.

According to Lungu, increasing ministers is a way of ‘promoting dynamic and strategically focused diversification.’

Lungu says he will separate the mines and energy ministry, meaning there will be a minister of mines and a minister of energy each with most like two deputy ministers.

Lungu says he will also move national planning out of finance, this means there will be a minister of planning with deputy ministers and also a minister of Finance with his or her own deputy ministers. According to Lungu, this is part of his efforts to improve economic growth. He was speaking in parliament Friday morning.

The PF government will also split the Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication as well as the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

This means Zambia will have five new ministries.

It has always been the policy of the PF under late Michael Sata to run a lean cabinet to cut costs.lungu

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