Lungu deploys soldiers, accuses police of supporting rioters

Lungu deploys soldiers, accuses police of supporting rioters

13012663_1141347702582645_8246428334986696338_nPresident Edgar Lungu has accused the police of working for the opposition and aiding residents to loot shops owned by foreigners. Lungu has therefore deployed soldiers to deal with civilians.

His spokesperson Amos Chanda said that Lungu has issued a Special Operational Order to the security services to restore law and order in some parts of Lusaka.

Chanda said the order by his paymaster ‘was specifically designed to stop the recent spate of ritual murders and the resultant rioting in some townships where irresponsible people spread inflammatory rumors against certain nationalities’.

State house sources tell the Watchdog that Lungu held a meeting with military commanders last evening at State House and told them that he is disappointed with the police for helping citizens riot.

But sources says Lungu is also afraid that soldiers may turn against him after seeing for themselves the level of suffering in the country and will therefore withdraw them after a short time.

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