Lungu depressed after seeing HH popularity

Lungu depressed after seeing HH popularity

…. as Tourists join the

Edgar Lungu this morning refused to eat breakfast after witnessing with his own naked eyes how popular Hakainde Hichilema is in that region.

OP officials tell the Watchdog that Lungu has been shouting at his handlers and Inonge Wina accusing them of deliberately taking him to Mongu to embarrass him.

Lungu was misled by the Litunga and Inonge that he will receive a heroes a welcome but he finally saw the truth for himself when HH and GBM arrived.

One source told the Watchdog that Lungu threatened to return to Lusaka last night after seeing so many people expressing joy at seeing HH.

The Litunga was heard telling few followers to try and control the ‘commotion’ in town but those he sent instead joined the party.

According to News Diggers, there has been growing jubilation in Mongu since UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his deputy Geoffrey Mwamba arrived for the Kuomboka ceremony yesterday.
Thousands of cheerful opposition supporters literally filled the streets to give HH’s entourage a welcome, even more ecstatic than during the campaign.
“Forward! Forward! Forward…!” was the only word residents, mostly clad in UPND party regalia, could shout to express their excitement at seeing HH.
Motorists hooted, women screamed and the men whistled in chorus to show their solidarity for the UPND leader, who still contends that he was duped of a clearly won 2016 election.
During the grand entry into Mongu which the UPND media team beamed live on Facebook, HH and GBM waved and blew flying kisses to their supporters.
Hichilema later went to Radio Lyambai and could not find the words to describe his gratitude.
“I must thank sichaba sachilozi for giving us a wonderful overwhelming vote in 2016. They gave us a vote that makes me feel so deeply indebted to the people of buLozi. Sichaba saBulozi, litumezi ahulu for the votes munifile with my colleague here as a running mate and members of parliament. I must say that we delivered the presidential vote hundred per cent, even the members of parliament in the province. We got the overwhelming vote. I don’t know what words to use to say thank you. And I want to tell you something you know already. We are in court over the presidential election. That’s a fact; we are in court because we believe we won the election,” HH said.
“But today, we are here and arrived to this thunderous welcome. The number of women I saw, beautiful Lozi women, if I had a way I would marry all these Lozi girls; Mbunda Lubale, Nyengo, Kwanga. We came here for the Kuomboka. It is a wonderful tradition, it is our heritage and we are here to rejoice with the people of Zambia on this very important occasion. I am a traditionalist myself and a headman where I come from. In case you don’t know I am a senior headman.”

Even tourist joined the jubilation as photos below show

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