Lungu describes JAWUZ demands for improved salaries, working conditions as ‘garbage’.

President Edgar Lungu has described as ‘garbage material’ the letter written to him by Judiciary and Allied Workers’ union of Zambia (JAWUZ) in which the union complained about the imposed wage freeze and the retirement age adjustment.

“I have the honour and privilege to inform you that the imposition of the employment and wage freeze has negatively affected the unionised employees in the Judiciary. Your Excellency, as you may wish to know we last got our salary increment in September 2013. In 2014 and 2015 we are told that there shall be no any salary increment. Your Excellency, you may also wish to know that the transport and housing allowances were consolidated into a basic salary, as such, we have also not got any increment in this regard” reads part of the letter by JAWUZ president Peter Mwale.

But State house sources have told the Watchdog that when the letter was given to Lungu, he described it as garbage material and directed that it be filed under that classification. The source also suspects the head of state to have been under heavy influence of alcohol.

“The letter was given to him but he replied that it is garbage material and that it should be filed under such classification but then we don’t have a garbage file here unless he wants to create one. He also looked to have been under the influence of alcohol because it was given to him during the run up to the just ended by elections and during that time many PF cadres used to come to state house for political meetings which were usually accompanied by heavy drinking,” he said.


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