Lungu did not win elections, insists Mumba


By Nevers Sekwila Mumba, MMD President.

On September 13th 2016, the PF crossed the defining line. Against all law, wisdom and morality they proceeded to inaugurate President Lungu. This is in the hope that the event would sanitize the controversial and abused electoral and judicial systems.

The just ended election was fraudulently won. This singular action by the PF has introduced a new culture of disregard for law and order. President Lungu has distinguished himself as a leader who has no regard for the constitution. Zambians should not relent in ensuring that justice is served fairly.
Since the entry of Mr Edgar Lungu into presidential politics, he has survived by disregard for the law.

Some troubling examples are as follows:

1. At the 2014 National Convention for the PF, he brushed aside constitutional provisions of his own party and was elected by a show of hands by illegitimate delegates.
2. Towards the 2015 Presidential elections, President Lungu in league with former president Rupiah Banda decided to usurp power of the MMD executive committee and created an alliance between PF and MMD knowing very well that Mr Banda was not the President of MMD. They campaigned using the symbols of the two parties. He once again demonstrated a lack of respect for the rule of law.
3. In May this year, President Lungu sponsored a meeting which he called an MMD Convention and illegally installed his own president. With no legality, he used the government media to prop up Mr Mutati as the President of MMD when MMD is fully operational with its entire national leadership, led by myself. The Supreme Court however ruled against his unlawful conduct and confirmed that MMD was still under our leadership, but even with this ruling, the public media has continued with the unlawful propaganda.
4. When Parliament was dissolved in May 2016, against legal advice, President Lungu decided to keep the ministers in their government positions against the constitution. The ConCourt later ruled that his action was unconstitutional.
5. On 19th August when the opposition petitioned Mr Lungu’s election, he refused to step aside to allow the Speaker of the National Assembly to act as president as per constitutional provision.

These are just but a few misdeeds of this President. To President Lungu none of these breaches bother him.

We would like to encourage all Zambians that the race towards justice has just began. It is not over until the justice system provides answers to the many difficult questions Zambians are asking. Why hasn’t the petition been heard?

Why didn’t President Lungu step aside after the petition was filed? Why did three Judges of the ConCourt illegally write a ruling which was not applied for by either the petitioners or the respondents?

Our position as the opposition Alliance is that:
1. Mr Lungu did not win the August 11th election. It was stolen through systematic rigging which has been compiled as evidence in our petition. Since we are sure that Mr Lungu did not win the election, we therefore believe he is not the legitimate President of Zambia.
2. We shall insist by using all democratic means that the petition which challenges the election of President Lungu be heard. We believe the constitution guarantees our right to be heard. We shall be heard and the true winner of the just ended election shall be known.
3. We demand for the removal of all ConCourt judges for failing the Zambian people at the most emotive hour in our Country’s history.
4. We demand for the transformation of the electoral commission by removing Judge Chulu and Mrs Isaacs who were in the forefront of rigging the last election and transform the ECZ into an independent electoral commission.
Until the demands above are addressed, we shall not rest, we shall not surrender and we shall not retreat. In view of all the constitutional and judicial abuses listed in this statement, we have today declared an official dispute with the PF and Mr Edgar Lungu’s election.

Our only caution is that this exercise shall be done in the absence of any form of violence. We are enjoying enough nationwide support to achieve these goals without violence. This crusade therefore signals the beginning of non-violent mass movement to reclaim the lost votes. In the same spirit that the opposition has declared that no violence shall be entertained, we urge the police service not to provoke peaceful democratic processions connected to this call for the Petition to be heard.

We recognize that when the rigged election results were announced, millions of Zambians were shocked, but even more shocked are those people who were at Mulungushi Counting Center where the results were manipulated in broad day light.

We are aware that a lot of opposition supporters across the nation are facing very difficult times. The Patriotic Front cadres
have gone on a rampage to brutalize ordinary citizens perceived to be opposing the illegal regime. Some of you have been thrown out of markets, some bus and taxi drivers have been chased out of their ranks, and others have been fired from their jobs on the basis of association to the cause of justice.

We call on all Zambians not to lose hope. Injustice and corruption cannot be sanitized by an illegally hurried inauguration. Like David in the Scriptures,( 1Samuel 30: 1-10 ) we have inquired of the Lord whether to pursue those who have stolen people’s rights and votes. The answer is that WE SHALL PURSUE AND WE SHALL RECOVER ALL. This is what we have decided to do today. Some of you have become distraught because the Inauguration has already taken place.

Both Biblical and Secular history attests to the fact that truth cannot be buried forever. Examples abound and we want you to draw strength from this history.

King David was about to die. He had promised his son Solomon to take over the throne after him, but the other son Adonijah took advantage of the aging father and rigged the process. He got key military commanders on his side, the Chief Justice of his day and all those who authenticate an inauguration. All the media reported that a new king had been enthroned and the national anthem was played. God raised a prophet who risked his own life and questioned David why Adonijah and not Solomon was King. The rigged process of adonijah was nullified and Solomon was pronounced the legitimate King.

So shall it be in Zambia not too many weeks from now if we faint not.
Our struggle, your struggle is not over until we subject the election of President Lungu to a legally accepted verification process, until Zambians are satisfied that all their votes have been accounted for. This is your right. In any case, the vote under dispute is your vote.
To achieve this we must:

1. Remove the ConCourt Judges and replace them.
2. Make the ECZ independent and remove Judge Chulu and Priscilla Isaacs.
3. Ensure that the petition is heard.

Ivory Coast testifies to the same principle. Austria also testifies to the same principle. Both countries were able to reverse the illegal inaugurations that took place in their countries and installed the legally elected Presidents. When we cast away fear and unite in purpose, nothing is too difficult to achieve. Like Martin Luther King Jnr sang, “We shall overcome some day……”
Our “someday” is today.

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