Lungu directs CSO to release wrong inflation figures tomorrow

PF government has directed and forced the Central Statistical Office (CSO) to release wrong October month inflation figures tomorrow, according to highly placed government sources.

The official inflation figures as obtained CSO for the month of October stands at double digit 15.4 percent but President Edgar Lungu and his PF government have directed that they announce the inflation figures of only 8 percent to mislead the people and deliberately misrepresent facts.

Inflation is measured on the cost of essential commodities such as mealie meal, cooking oil, transport, and other items which have since gone very high under the PF government.

But the PF have directed that CSO should now start releasing wrong data to protect the regime and create some artificial confidence in the economy yet things are bad.

So far, the PF have disputed the economic outlook being released by international rating agencies such as Moody claiming they were wrong and unsolicited.

The PF said they would be doing their own economic outlooks using the CSO but the information being released tomorrow is wrong data.

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