Lungu directs Kampyongo to have Chief Mukuni arrested

Lungu directs Kampyongo to have Chief Mukuni arrested

His Roya Highness Chief Mukuni

Edgar Lungu has directed his minister of home affairs Stephen Kampyongo to ensure police arrest senior Chief Mukuni of the Toka Leya people of southern province apparently because he has consistently called for the release of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema. Kampyongo has confirmed and says the PF is going to be aggressive.

Lungu has since travelled to Ethiopia for the AU summit but a state house source who attended his pre departure briefing with his inner circle has told the Watchdog that Lungu advised Kampyongo to ensure that Chief Mukuni, who is among the chiefs calling for Hichilema’s release so as to instill fear among other traditional leaders as the ‘release HH’ calls intensify. Like other dictator plans, Lungu wants the traditional leader arrested during his absence in Ethiopia so that he can play innocent games.

“We are aware of one chief who is sponsoring youths to carry out sabotage on installations but what we want to tell the chief is that we will pounce on him because even the youths he is sponsoring are not his children,” said Kampyongo at Lusaka international airport where he was seeing off Lungu. The remark was made in apparent reference to the Toka Leya chief who has vowed not to get back to his palace until justice is done in the UPND leader trumped up treason charges.

According to the plan to arrest chief Mukuni, the PF through Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo have organised youths to stage manage destruction of infrastructure and after being arrested some PF youths masquerading as UPND cadres will implicate chief Mukuni as having sponsored them.

“There are some youths who have been recruited to stage manage the damage and later after being apprehended they will implicate the chief. Some of them are UPND sell outs who have gone to the PF and the whole thing is being done around Lungu, Kampyongo and Bowman Lusambo with some cadres at Zesco. The chief may even be arrested while  Lungu is in Ethiopia so that he can look very innocent,” Said the source.

To tally with Kampyongo, police Inspector General has offered K100,000 reward to anyone with information to arrest the people who plan to damage vital installations.

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