Lungu directs police to block Kambwili from Ukusefya Pangwena ceremony

Edgar Lungu this morning directed his PF cadres clad in police uniform to block PF Roan MP and former information minister Chishimba Kambwili from attending the Ukusefya Pangwena traditional ceremony of the Bemba in Kasama. Police were further ordered to eject him out of Kasama or face arrest. He has since headed to Mansa but likely to meet the same fate even there.

Lungu is in Kasama to attend the same ceremony and when word went through that Kambwili and Musenge were in town, multitudes of people gathered around them at Shoprite Supermarket to greet them as the mob chanted anti Lungu slogans and praised Kambwili. Police then pounced on the law maker and confined him within Shoprite premises.

Kambwili told the officers that he was in Kasama for the traditional ceremony and that he had only been at the supermarket to try and get some groceries but the uncompromising heavily armed officers told him that they will not allow him to proceed to Mungwi where the ceremony is being held. As he was headed to Mungwi the PF cadres again blocked him near Lukashya Trades Trades and at that stage the police ordered him to leave Kasama or face arrest.

Kambwili was also blocked from featuring on radio Manoby PF cadres and together with his team have since left Kasama and are now heading to Mansa where word has also reached the Watchdog that Lungu has instructed the police not to allow him entry.

As Kambwili was having a mini altercation with the police officers, others were heard complaining against the work they are being sent to do because they were equally not happy to be committing injustice. Later he charged that those that had blocked him in Kasama, in apparent reference to Lungu, are cowards.


  • I believe it was somehow for his own safety, some of us who have seen how arrogant these so called cadres behave by today am telling you the story could have been different.
    All our politicans are good people but the problem is these idots from compounds who don’t use their brains when dealing with issues.
    We can disagree to agree but with them, everything is to fight.
    Am waiting for a day when I will see children’s of these politicans fighting for their fathers but what pains me most is, here is a person who can’t even afford to send his own children to school but fighting for people who have everything in this world.

  • UK usefya pangwena ck bamukanya Radio mano ba mu block What is that is not political, u people we are All. Zambians. God helper us

  • It was very unfair to block ck he is son of that area OK, nacipita Chapwa,.

  • c.k.yestday u wr harrassin th press and media today u want them to cover u.if u think u r popular form yo own political party

  • Agony is blocking some 1 frm attendng a traditional ceremony when his parentage hails from the same area.

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    THE PRINCE 7 months

    His time has come, Kambwili was so silly.. lets see how it goes.

  • The blocking from featuring on a radio program is good for Kambwili because he did it to others, welcome to the club sir

  • And 18 th October was declared for such a mockery! Shame!

  • Police have been reduced to nothing…. The man was at pains to block an innocent person who was even the right person to attend the ceremony.everyday and every minute of is full of foolish lies

  • Its good that we are seeing the true colours of the soul called leaders in our nation. We expected maturity in Kambwili despite everything that has happened to him But now all what we ar now seeing and hearing is so childish, the all nation has started to wonder what type of law makers we have in parliament to represent us. He is behaving like a woman who has been devoced, now begins to announce to the neighbourhood that her husband is a bed wetter. Please ba honourable just be composed you have a chance and accept the discipline it is for the better bashi Mwamba

  • Ck just came back they will charge u with treason oooooo

  • Embarrassing my sir name!

  • preventin another treason frm delirious politicians

  • Watchdog dont tell me you are supporting Kambwili now

  • mbwili mbwili jonah is confused,but why this panic u pf its too early,2021 is very far,mr jonah pliz take it easy,the speed is just too much,are u on one year leave,this year u havent worked and this is august,everyday its court court blocking blocking,we need a sober government

  • These Traditional Ceremonies are slowly becoming a preserve of ” some people ” ,even when it’s your own tribe

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      abilima 7 months

      The President has no powers over Ukusefya Pang’wena – this as usual is very poor reporting of a media house with an agenda.

  • To block dr kambwili from attending trational celemony its good,let every person be free to go where ever he wants.My hamble advise to dr kambwili is that please tone down your language sir,maybe it also contributes.

  • African politics is about bickering and character assassination, so sitingadabwe,we want attract attention napafiii!! Shame!

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    Mutopola 7 months

    Ba pf what are u scared off blocking kambwili and musenge from attending the ceremony,please leave kambwili alone don’t force someone to dance to your song, he has rights quits or forming his own party.

  • he will be charged of treason.just wait

  • Anyone loughing and mocking kambwili when this coward government treats him the way they are doing,is childish.The injustice done to him is a rape to Zambian democracy.Why are you intimideting any one opposed to your views- pf?CHALO CHENU MWEKA?COWARDS!LET PEOPLE BE FREE AS LONG AS THEY DON’T BREAK ANY LAW AS KAMBWILI DIDN’T BREAK ANY LAW BY COMING TO NORTHERN PROVINCE.

  • Another treason case!

  • it is actualy nt lungu wu bared the duo bt the chief himself told police to do so nd wen cald by Dr kambwili, he said its 4 his own good.

  • why does he like shoprite?

  • its good honorably to block you it was going to be treason

  • Why ukumupisha kwati niku Ncwala. Tamwakwata fisuma mwebantu.

  • State of emergency is not about sabotage but political opponents.

  • Hehehe!!! Afraid of the Mongu SHAME? This is the President of the political party that’s bragging of beating CK on his HOMETUFF in case of a by-election? Nangu muli ba expert RIGGER of elections. The President’s aides think they have learnt a lesson from the Mongu SCANDAL but they have just EXPOSED their behind. This man is someone after all. Why bar a “nobody” from a public function in his ethinic backyard. Its not NCWALA man.

  • all i see from this page is PF bad UPND innocent saints

  • PF are scared of Kambwili.

  • Dearest country men and women especialy those suporting us in PF,is it in order for any body to block you or Kambwili from visiting any place or Ceremony in this country?if the answer is NO,why block Musenge and Kambwili?does it mean if some body doesnt sing praises to the PF then you become an enemy to the pipo of Zambia?reconciliation. Shud not only be talked of but must be seen to be done,how do we preach reconciliation between Lungu and Hakainde and creat other enemies?Pf shud make peace with every Zambian.we shud not wait for Zambians to reject us thats wen we shall say Sorry.we need peace with all Zambians regardless of which party they belong to.

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    spoko jere 7 months

    leadership leadership i miss levy patrick mwanawasa the great with his leadership qualities his name stands Mhsrp

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    kibinda sobongo 7 months

    whats going on, are you safe!!!