Lungu directs Prisons boss to transfer HH to a remote prison

Lungu directs Prisons boss to transfer HH to a remote prison

Dictator Edgar Lungu has today directed Prisons boss Percy Chato to transfer the opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema to another remote prison most likely in a PF stronghold as a way of inflicting further torture and completely cutting him away from his lawyers and wife visitations. Most likely HH may be transferred to Luwingu state prison where the Barotse activists Afumba Mombotwa and others are serving ten year jail terms for tramped up treason charges.

Sources from prisons and intelligence services in Kabwe have told the Watchdog that the directive was made last night and partly Chato will now use the near eruption of violence in Kabwe as a security measure. The other co accused will also be placed in other unknown detention facilities but separated from each other.

The source said that Lungu is further tempting the patience of Zambians before he can eventually eliminate Hichilema either through an accident that would also mean sacrificing some security personnel or just poisoning so that he consolidates his hold onto power.

“The man is tempting the patience of Zambians and wants to further see what is going to happen. So far, he is convinced that nothing will happen because from the break in into HH residence, the torture at Lilayi, Chimbokaila and abduction to Mukobeko nothing is happening but our intelligence findings reveal that Zambians are now agitated by Lungu and anything can happen,” she said.

And Lungu, while in a drunken stupor last night boasted that if it means spending and emptying the treasury just to fix HH and anyone who dares him he is ready to do that because he is in charge.

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