Lungu disappointed some constituencies in Luapula have been surrendered to UPND

PF presidential candidate could only manage to address a handfull of people in Chiengi and Nchelenge Districts despite making noise after arriving with four Choppers.

And according to the in-door meeting with Luapula province officials, Lungu was disappointed that some consituencies in Luapula province have been surrendered to the opposition UPND.

Lungu and PF officials blamed traditional leaders such as Chief Puta, and Mwata Kazembe as well as Former Finance Minister Katele Kalumba for the UPND massive penetration in Chiengi, Nchelenge, and Mwansabombwe.

But Luapula province PF campaign teams assured Lungu of victory in the province despite the massive penetration by the UPND team led by Katele Kalumba and former minister Besa Chimbaka.

The Luapula province MPs downplayed Chief Puta, Mwata Kazembe, and Katele Kalumba’s influence in the province and assured him that these people have always been anti-PF but the party has been winning.

The PF government tried to dethrone Chief Puta and have also been distabilising the Mwata Kazembe Chiefdom through area MPs Rodgers Mwewa and Chitotela.

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