Lungu dispatches more military personnel to Southern province

PF Presidential candidate Edgar Lungu has asked for 100 more commandoes and another 100 other soldiers to be deployed in Choma to facilitate his rigging schemes.

About 100 commandoes were dispatched from Ndola yesterday and will be beefed up by 100 more soldiers from Chindwin barrack’s A company. They will leave tonight with five armoured vehicles and other unknown vehicles and shall have Choma as a command centre, with platoons set around the province.

“Its the first time this kind of vehicles (armoured) are going to Southern and he hopes the voters will be intimidated. In fact there is no operation order so even as they are going, they are not aware of what to do because most of them don’t even agree with PF,” said a Ndola based source who further added that the group shall be under a Major Mukuka from Chindwin barracks.


Watchdog advice to Southern province voters: please most of those soldiers are on our side. They are not there to harm you and cooperate with them, if you have food be kind enough to share with them. They are of no harm but only being directed by a visionless Lungu.

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