Lungu doesn’t care about suffering of Zambians – Luneta


Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 08.24.13Zambia is experiencing the hardest season ever in the history of Zambia under the leadership of Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Lungu and his team does not seem to mean well to the nation. They seem to be agents of destruction who are after destroying what other leaders fought for and land the nation in an economic turmoil. In the face of this economic impediment, the President has continued to travel abroad almost every week, and every time he travels he leads a very big delegation to join him in the tourism tours and allowances are paid on the expense of the poor Zambian people. We are aware that this has become a source of wealth for the president and his dozing ministers.
Why worst resources when we can use the same resources to pay monies owed to lecturers at the university of Zambia, when we can use the same resources to buy medicines for the hospitals, when we can use the same resources to create jobs for many youths who are languishing on the streets, when we can use our resources to industrialise our economy so that we start adding value to our resources and increase export of finished goods subsequently improve the balance of payment and put the economy on the map and stabilise our floating exchange rate which has negatively affected our economy.
Mr. President some of these trips are not necessary, we have ambassadors in those countries that you visit, whats their job? We don’t send them abroad to go and drink bear and attract useless investment in the country on the expense of the poor Zambian people, we send them to attract meaningful investment and strengthen the bilateral relationships so as to have economic mutual benefits.
We send them to attract investors that will help build our economy not taking away our resources.
The monies that we are spending on the president’s trips is a lot and he does not travel alone but with cadres who are after building good houses and driving expensive vehicles, shame on the pf government.
Let’s use these monies to import power from neighbouring countries to reduce loadshedding for our brothers and sisters who are running saloons, barbershops, internet cafes and welding and so fourth to survive with their families.
Life has become tough under pf government, corruption is on the rise everyone is feeling the heat of bad governance.
Pf government has failed the Zambian people.
Here we are being charged a lot of money by our own president for interacting with him. Why should the whole lot of a president charge his own people? This is gambling and as nation we cannot afford to have a gambler as a president.
Why should state house charge campanies k50,000 for a pf fundraising golf tournament?
The president does not need to fundraise for him to donate to an orphanage, he gets a lot of money he can simply donate from his salary and allowances that he gets from his tourism trips. This shows that he has no heart for the vulnerable children and the people of Zambia.
The late president Mr. Micheal Chilufya sata’’ may his soul rest in peace’’ he never charged his own citizens for him to interact with us, he never fundraised to donate to an orphanage he simply used his own monies.
We warn pf government to be careful in the manner they are running the affairs of the nation and we further advice Mr. Sunday Chanda to stop using the president to steal from the poor Zambian people. Let Mr. Lungu wakeup from his slumber because very soon he will be visited by the arm of the law. He is a let down to the legal fraternity, we expect a lawyer to govern with integrity and respect the constitution. Lungu and his team risks being arrested after they leave office in 2016. We are aware that all those companies donating are doing that to seek favors from the government and be awarded with tenders, in the same vein we warn these companies to be careful because they will be visited by the long arm of the law. Why don’t they donate to hospitals for drugs? Why not donate to the University of Zambia? Why not use the same money to empower youths?
During the campaigns he claimed to be the servant of the people but now he has forgotten all those claims he is now a boss.
Finally, we advise the first lady to seek counsel from the former first ladies on how they managed the office of the first lady from mama Christine kaseba and Maureen Mwanawasa. Let her not use state money to campaign for her husband. We will demand accountability for all those monies being worsted. We urge the Zambian people to vote wisely in 2016


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