Lungu doesn’t know whether he is going or coming due to mediocrity – Kalaba

Lungu doesn’t know whether he is going or coming due to mediocrity – Kalaba

Harry  Kalaba says the “nonsense” of wanting to go for a third term of office in the presidency will not go unchallenged.

Kalaba, the Democratic Party (DP) president, says President Edgar Lungu’s affinity for mediocrity would bring him down.

Speaking on Joy FM radio’s The Platform programme, Kalaba charged that: “we are stopping the third term.”

“That nonsense of wanting to go beyond the term limits will not go unscathed, unchallenged,” Kalaba said.

Kalaba, a former foreign affairs minister, said President Lungu did not know whether or not he was “going or comingnot know whether or not he was “going or coming.”

“What is going to bring down His Excellency the President, Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces Chagwa Lungu is that he doesn’t know whether he is going or he is coming. The whole country now knows that there is no vision where we are going,” he said.

“[But] governance does not work like that! The Zambian people have reached a level where they do not want mediocrity. What will bring him (President Lungu) down is his affinity for mediocrity and his propensity for cheap.”

About President Lungu’s numerous allegations of failure to develop Bahati Constituency when served as its member of parliament, Kalaba laughed them off.

He, however, agreed that it was true that he was ambitious.

While in Mansa over the weekend, President Lungu told Bahati Constituency residents that instead of lobbying for development for his constituency, Kalaba became obsessed with the Republican presidency.

“President is right; I’m very ambitious. That is why at my age I’m aspiring to become a President! Show me a country in the world where a leader was not ambitious and they achieved,” Kalaba said.

“[But] the issue of saying ‘Kalaba I ate with him’, what did you eat with him? I’m not part of those who are getting money for crude oil every time we have a shipment of crude. They know who they are eating with. I’m not part of those they are eating with when they exaggerate prices for putting up [communication] towers, road contracts [and] all contracts that are coming up. If it’s having a cup of tea with him, yes I did that. But if it’s to do with those deals they are involved in, crude oil [and] getting kickbacks for every shipment, I’m not involved in those things and that’s why I resigned….”

And on President Lungu’s challenge that Kalaba should “meet me and look at me in the eye” and say who is corrupt in the PF government, Kalaba responded by throwing the challenge at the Head of State.

“I’m appealing, your Excellency that ask ZNBC to set up a programme where you and I will have a debate on national issues. You also face me in the eye and tell me ‘Harry Kalaba, I told you this and you didn’t do this. In Bahati, you didn’t do that!’ Don’t just speak generally that there are no schools, there are no hospitals – that is cheap!”  Kalaba said.

Kalaba also said that DP would not stop mobilising just because “PF cadres had been mobilised against it.”

“No amount of violence or intimidation will stand in our way. We’ll soldier on despite the challenges that we are faced with,” noted Kalaba.

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