Lungu’ empty speech was leaked by author: Muhabi


President Edgar Lungu’s first and last speech to parliament was leaked by Muhabi Lungu, who wrote it at the supervision of former President Rupiah Banda.
Early this week, State house Press aide Amos Chanda who was only given a printed speech to edit it journalistically accused cabinet office of leaking the document to the Post and the Watchdog, investigations were instituted and according to findings, the document leaked before it even reached Lungu.
“Of course the President drafted a few things but the main contributor was RB who demanded that a copy of the final document be given to him lest President Lungu dribbles him. RB so much wanted the five new cabinet positions for his stooges and Muhabi brought in the economics language. That was not President Lungu’s speech if you saw the President seemed not even to have known what he was talking about,” said a senior Intelligence officer close to the investigations of state house leaks.
Rupiah Banda, having lost an election in 2011 has sensed that Lungu may also lose the 2016 elections and is now manipulating him to appoint his stooges just in this term contrary to the agreement they made that most of them will be appointed when Lungu wins in 2016 again with the influence of Rupiah Banda.
“Initially, only a few RB boys were supposed to be appointed and then some more adopted and further appointed after the 2016 elections but it seems he has sensed that Lungu may lose next year so RB wants his boys and girls to eat now. He has been manipulating the President and even when he was called to Solwezi he was first reluctant until some other boys pleaded with him. There is also mistrust between the two of them (RB and Edgar Lungu)” disclosed the source.
The source also said that the decision to leak the document ahead of its delivery in parliament was to avoid any last minute changes to the document.

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