Lungu faces PF resistance to his third term bid

Lungu faces PF resistance to his third term bid

Lubinda: Against Lungu's third term bid?

Lubinda: Against Lungu’s third term bid?

A senior Member of the Central Committee (MCC) of the PF and Cabinet minister has charged that President Edgar Lungu should not tie the entire party to his bid for the third term in 2021 because it is not every member who is in agreement with that unconstitutional move. He has further advised Lungu not to take the popularity of the PF which was established by Michael Sata for granted.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Watchdog, the politician who sought anonymity for now said that manoeuvres to temper with the constitution and go for the third term will make Lungu leave PF weaker than he found it. He said the PF was a law abiding political party and the third term bid was being championed mainly by MMD members whom Lungu had brought into the party and were doing so to win his favours to retain positions.

“Look at who is singing the third term song, it is mainly people who came through the window and not the door (MMD members) and now they want to be more PF than the people they found. As MPs we are the people’s elected choice and check how many MPs have endorsed this third term nonsense, its only a handful and doesn’t include senior people like Given Lubinda, Harry Kalaba and even Davies Mwila the SG himself doesn’t agree with this unconstitutional matter”.

And a Watchdog investigation reveals that most MPs have instructed committees in their constituencies to distance themselves from the third term campaigns in order to preserve the democratic tenets of the PF. Kabwata, Kabwe Central, Bahati, Malole, Lukashya and Chitambo are some of the constituencies that were surveyed, with results showing that members are not for Lungu’s third term bid.

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