Lungu says he has fired Guy Scott as PF veep

16th December 2014

Dr. Guy Lindsay Scott,
Vice President
Patriotic Front
Trotover Farm
Mukuyu Turn Off,
Off Leopards Hill Road


It has come to my attention that on 16th December 2014 you authored a letter to the Acting Chief Justice, Madam Lombe Chibesakunda in which you purported to direct her to suspend, defer or refuse any nomination from the Patriotic Front until, what you termed as Legal wrangles regarding the Presidential Candidate, were resolved.

The letter was issued without any authority or consent of the Central Committee or myself.

You are aware that I was elected PF President by the General Conference held on 30th November 2014 at the Mulumgushi Rock of Authority in Kabwe.

You are also aware that the High Court upheld this decision through a Consent Judgment issued on 3rd December 2014.

This Consent Judgment remains valid and binding on all members of the Patriotic Front and has not been discharged or set aside by any court of law.

The said letter to the Acting Chief Justice was provocative and an act of gross indiscipline and created a sense of despondency in the minds of our members.

Further this action threatened the Peace, Law and Order in the Party and the Nation.

In pursuance of Article 19 (c) and 61(j) of the Party Constitution you are hereby informed that you have been removed from the position of the position of Vice-President with immediate effect and will henceforth remain an ordinary member of the party.

Meanwhile, you are advised that your matter has been referred to the Central Committee for consideration and determination.

Hon. Edgar Lungu

CC: Hon. Inonge Wina

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