Sources: Lungu fell sick Friday night

Sources: Lungu fell sick Friday night

Latest information show that PF candidate Edgar Lungu fell sick last (Friday) night forcing the party to postpone to next week his campaigns. There are fears that he may not even manage to start the programme next week.

On Christmas day, the Watchdog revealed that due to poor health, the campaign programme for PF candidate Edgar Lungu had been severely relaxed, even further.

About ten hours later, the PF responded by releasing a press statement claiming that Lungu would, starting on Saturday December 27, 2014, be holding rallies in diverse places such as Kaputa, Nsama, Mpulungu, Mpika, Chinsali, Mafinga, Nakonde etc…

That was not to be. Like the Watchdog reported and hereby maintains the earlier revelations, Lungu is too sick to mount the type of strenuous campaigns his handlers want to subject him to. Today, when he was supposed to embark on the advertised campaigns, he failed because he got seriously sick the previous day.

Latest information suggest that Lungu could have collapsed last night. Sources say doctors from CFB had to be called in to resuscitate him and advised that him to cancel his campaign program for now.

The doctors said Edgar’s current health problems are a result of alcohol withdrawal. Because of strict media scrutiny during this campaign period Lungu has been forced to keep away from the alcohol to help clean his ‘chakolwa’ image but his body isn’t taking that well. To make matters worse, he took in a ‘few pulls’ at the wedding where he turned up wearing a pimp suit.

Sources say the PF is trying hard to keep the latest ailment, as a top secret because they fear it will seriously damage his already difficult campaigns.

The official reason given by the PF is that they have no helicopters to go to campaigns as machines they hired from South Africa have not been delivered.

But people are wondering how sensible this version is. Lungu and Guy Scott reconciled so if they are in really need of helicopters, couldn’t they have asked Scott to go with them.


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