Lungu finally deploys heavily armed soldiers, police, spies to HH’s village

Lungu finally deploys heavily armed soldiers, police, spies to HH’s village

As reported by the Zambian watchdog yesterday, President Edgar Lungu has deployed a battalion of Military, Office of the President and Police Officers in  Hakainde Hichilema’s home village of Bweengwa Constituency and hunt down a number of his (HH)’s relatives and some workers and link them to the fake attack on Lungu’s entourage that was stage-managed and executed by Deputy Secretapolice-armed-2ry General Mumbi Phiri and Frank Bwalya.

This is part of the project aimed at embarrassing the UPND President and the UPND by labelling them them as equally violent and attempt to emotionally breakdown HH.

There was a stage-managed attack on Lungu’s entourage over the weekend that has so far created a lot of media hype but surprisingly, and despite all the government media at their disposal, not a single vehicle or property has been paraded on ZNBC’s television, Times of Lungu and Daily Lungu newspaper.

All the attacks in which opposition leaders including Hichilema himself has been victims, they have produced either photos and/or videos evidence of the attacks.

But in this instance and modern age of smart phones and other photo and video capturing devices, not a single item has been paraded or indeed anyone hospitalised other than daily condemnation, including from journalists such as Brian Hatyoka who should know better how these things work and is now uselessly being used.

Police and locals in Monze have disclosed that a number of police call-out have been issued to perceived Hichilema’s relatives and workers with a view to charge them with aggravated robbery and malicious damage to property which are none bailable offences.

The idea is to instill fear in the poor villagers and the Watchdog will soon publish how Lungu as part of his evil plans intends to defranchise majority of voters in the perceived UPND strongholds, especially Southern Province in a project dubbed ‘operation Egypt’.

So far they stage-managed attack is partly to create an impression that people in the so called UPND strongholds do not welcome others, so other provinces in the perceived PF strongholds should equally not welcome Mr. Hichilema and his campaign teams.

A number of villagers are currently living in fear in Bweengwa Constituency and surrounding areas with some leaving their daily farming activities for fear of being arrested on tramped up charges.

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