Lungu fires Kalaba’ sister, associates

– Thief Edgar Lungu revenges

Following his resignation as Foreign Affairs Minister accusing Edgar Lungu, State House and government of gross acts of corruption, Harry Kalaba is beginning to pay the price for his decision.

His elder sister Chimese Kalaba (in picture below) who is inBrussels, Belgium as a diplomat has been recalled.

Other government officials related or associated with Kalaba have also either been recalled or fired.

Zambia’s Ambassador to France Humphrey Chibanda who is also accredited to Spain and Permanent Representative to the UNWTO has been recalled.

Chibanda hosted Harry Kalaba prior to his resignation during his private to visits to France and Morocco.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary, Lombe Chalwe who presided over the ministry has been shunted to only handle international and foreign relations while a new Permanent Secretary has been brought in.

Ronald Simwinga is the new Permanent Secretary of Foreign Affairs and also allocated with powers of the controlling officer for the ministry.

Simwinga is also in charge of day-to-day operations of the ministry.

Kalaba’s road sub-contracts in Luapula are also being reviewed with a safe way to cancel them.


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    M.M. 2 weeks

    Levy Mwanawasa (mhsrip) said Zambians have a short memory. He seems to have been right. Kalaba was indeed accused of sending his relatives and friends in foreign service. Now he and his friends and relatives are victims!

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    ulubunda 2 weeks

    If the lady in the picture is the elder sister to Kalaba and assuming the picture was taken this year, then I could be much older than Kalaba but look much younger.

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    We are a true christian nation and it a good exprience to some of us.

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    John M Phiri 2 weeks

    Today it’s Kalaba’s relatives, friends and associates who have been lungushad. Tomorrow it will be Lungu and his reltives, friends and associates who will lungula. Every dog has it’s day so they say.

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    let him revial ECL s family appointments too to the public.we need to know as zambians

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    My Question is. How did Harry Kalaba manage to appoint sisters, relatives into foreign service????

    This is the nepotism UPND complains about.

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    sob 3 weeks

    Shame for kalaba who spent his time insulting guy boy for the current head to be the president. This is normal mostly in Africa were professionals don’t have Cvs. Well that aside I now come to the the inquiry set to hear the causes of regional voting and election violence I wish to advise the learned justice that his really wasting his time whuch besides the allowance I bet he would have quit it already. Today we have him travelling around the country yet we are seeing excertly what caused the violence happen, UPND are deny payments left right and centre but on the other hand PF is given security at every angle in the country including tax payers bought camera even for the SG. Shame and sad.

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    sonofsun 3 weeks

    the only thing consistent in this country is the corruption and continuous misleading of the general public. its sad to see the current state of affairs in Zambia. there is a major need for change in our country. we must address our faults not as political parties or presidential candidates, but as a people, one nation , regardless of tribe or religion. we are all the end of the day we all need to remember that if we ever want to make real change that can be shared and manifested for generations to come.

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    Mzee Hekima 3 weeks

    The Witch hunt has began from a humble man.

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    Thinker 3 weeks

    If someone is not for you why keep even those who worked closely with him? such people will not stand for your vission and passion to save the people so better they all follow him or simply be fired- it is very much expected- well done greatman H.E Lungu

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    abilima 3 weeks

    Sometime back you Watchdog were telling us how Kalaba was giving jobs to his girlfriends. I hope Chimese got that job on merit. But such purging happens everywhere in the world under similar circumstances – even in America.