Lungu fires Sata’s friend as envoy to Brazil, replaces her with Rupiah’s ambassador

Lungu fires Sata’s friend as envoy to Brazil, replaces her with Rupiah’s ambassador

In his on-going project to purge all officials who had strong connections to late president Michael Sata, president Lungu has fired Zambia’s ambassador to Brazil Cynthia Jangulo.

Jangulo will be replaced by another MMD official Joel Mulule Ngo, thanks to Rupiah Banda. Rupiah Banda and Lungu are working on a project to erase Sata’s legacy from PF and change PF to MMD. See here.

Jangulo was very close to late Michale Sata and she worked as Sata’s secretary when he started PF with Guy Scott at Farmers House.

Under Rupiah Banda’s regime Joel Ngo was the ambassador to Brazil. Before the he was Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government and Housing.

The Zambian envoy to Brazil also oversees countries such as Ecuador and Bolivia.Zambia1

On Thursday, president  Edgar Lungu repeated his warning that he will not hesitate to dismiss genuine PF members questioning his appointing of members from the opposition political parties in his administration.

Lungu told members of the Patriotic Front (PF) who are not willing to work with people from the opposition to leave the Party.

He wondered why members from PF were questioning his decision to appoint people from the opposition political parties when they never did so with the late President Michael Sata.

He was speaking in Solwezi when he started his project to use Northwesterners against Northerners.

At the same occasion, Lungu told PF members to obey Lucky Mulusa saying anyone opposing Mulusa is opposing the president. Mulusa, the MMD losing parliamentary candidate FOR Solwezi is spearheading the anti- Bemba project in PF.


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