Lungu forces Petauke candidates to with withdraw

President Edgar Lungu in the late hours of last night directed Chief Nyamphande and Senior Chief Kalindawalo to convince William Banda and Elias Daka populary known as Eliboma to withdraw their candidature on PF ticket and create room for Dora Siliya.

These two chiefs in mention managed to convince the two men as they withdrew their candidature this morning. Edgar has promised to give jobs to these two who have withdrawn but Eliboma is very upset as well as the son to Banda who has been sponsoring the father politically. It is surprising that the president is directly involving chiefs in political affairs. Earlier today, Banda, Martin Tembo a former MMD youth chairman for Petauke district and Vera Moyo the former Petauke DC who is also Chief Kalindawalo’s girlfriend went to kalindawalo’s palace to convince Banda while Nyamphande was convincing Eliboma.

Meanwhile, Kalindawalo’s brother(Machona) and Allan Zulu are moving from one village to another decampaining Dora and it seems villagers who are fed up with Dora’s insulting language and lacky of development are buying the message of these two intelligent gentlemen. There is no doubt these two gentlemen are likely to cause an upset in petauke central and win the election. UPND will undoubtedly grow as it is planning on adopting Allan Zulu. These gentlemen were at once too much PF but it is yet to be established why they are against PF now.

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