Lungu frees 159 rapists, murderers, conmen

President  Lungu has released from prison 159 criminals  in commemoration of the so-called Africa Freedom Day, which falls on Monday.
According to an order of release from Prisons Africa Freedom Day May 25, 2015 published in the Government Gazette dated May 15, 2015, Lungu has pardoned and released the prisoners some of them convicted of rape, murder, aggravated robbery and other heinous criminal activities. The police officers risked their lives to investigate and capture these killers and rapists and the state spent huge sums of money prosecuting the same criminals. The victims of the criminals will receive nothing in commemoration of African Freedom day which basically has no real meaning to the majority of Africans.
“It is hereby notified that His Excellency the President, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, in exercise of the powers vested in him by Article 59 (d) of the Constitution of Zambia, ordered that the said prisoners in the schedule hereto be released from prison forthwith,” secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska states.
President Lungu has pardoned 30 prisoners in Eastern Province, 28 on the Copperbelt, 23 in Central Province, and 22 in Lusaka Province.
The President has reprieved 13 each in Muchinga and Northern provinces while nine have been released in Southern Province and seven each in Luapula and Western provinces.

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