Lungu funds former UPND MP to start new party

Lungu funds former UPND MP to start new party

Highvie Hamududu, a former UPND in Bweengwa has launched a new party funded by Edgar Lungu.

Lungu and his partner Hamududu, in their mistakeN believe think Hamududu can divide the UPND in its strongholds.

A senior politician had thIs to say:

‘This new political party to be formed today , is being spearheaded by the Hamududu brothers from Bweengwa and are being backed by PF in the hope that they can take away some UPND support from southern province and other strongholds. It’s a PF surrogate party for all purposes. They have been approaching a number of people from UPND and other small opposition parties. It is evident that they will be well funded by PF’.’

Lungu and Hamududu will be calling their enterprise as ‘Party for National Unity’.
What men can do for money. Yakee

Just watch how the government media will cover this Hamududu chap.

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