Lungu gives Litunga’ son job as diplomat, activists to be released as Litunga promises to stop BA1964 demands

Lungu gives Litunga’ son job as diplomat, activists to be released as Litunga promises to stop  BA1964 demands

While activists in Barotseland are facing aggression from the PF regime, the King of Barotseland Imwiko Lubosi is busy ‘cutting deals’ for himself and his children with president Edgar Lungu.

Apparently the King is using the situation in his Kingdom to his financial position very well.

The Watchdog has confirmed that the Litunga’s third born son prince Brian Mwanangono Imwiko has been given a job as one of Zambia’s diplomats to Brazil.

Meanwhile, the Litunga last Thursday sneaked into State House and held a long meeting with president Edgar Lungu.

In the meeting, president Lungu told the Litunga that he will release all the people detained and facing trials in relation to the Barotseland agreement on a nolle prosequi (no prosecution) on condition that the Litunga should order activists to cease all demands for restoration of the Barotseland agreement.

Prince Imwiko

Prince Imwiko

According to senior state house sources, the Litunga agreed to put to an end any demand or talk about the Barotseland agreement.

“So at the next sitting, the Zambia State shall enter a nolle for Afumba and his co-accused but what they do not know is that their own King has betrayed them, in exchange for money and jobs for his children,’ said a source.

The Litunga’s son Brian Mwanangono Imwiko left for Brazil on Friday. He will be the new First Secretary for Trade at the embassy in Brazil. Prince Imwiko was living in USA on his father’s money as he had no job or any income generating activity there. He only returned to Zambia about 6 weeks ago to start his diplomatic training together with Muhabi Lungu and others.

Sources explained that Prince Imwiko would not be sworn in publicly to avoid retribution on his father.

Litunga Imwiko Lubosi’s father was killed in 1948 by his own people. Litunga Imwiko, who was then a child, was forced to go into exile after his father was killed by his own people just to return after people had forgotten his father’s treachery and cruelty.

The Watchdog is reliably informed that the people of Barotseland are upset with the Litunga and it is just a matter of time before he faces a revolt. It is believed that the people are now looking to  Chief Inyambo  Ilute Yeta for leadership and guidance. Chief Ilute Yeta is the son of late Litunga Ilute Yeta IV. The current Litunga succeeded  Litunga Ilute Yeta IV. 

The whole of last week, including the time he sneaked into State House, the litunga was living at his house in Kabulonga near Hilltop.

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