Lungu gives OP land to PF cadres

Lungu gives OP land to PF cadres

13615034_1192840050766743_8407832658945980236_nPresident Edgar Lungu has given 300 plots belonging to Office of the President officers in Lusaka West to PF cadres, according to today’s edition of the Post newspaper.

In an interview, senior Intelligence officers disclosed to The Post that the President had instructed Director General of the Intelligence and Security Services Samuel Nkhoma not to stop the cadres from building on the land that is located behind the Office of the President facility, Star Cottage.

“The President has given our land to PF cadres. This land was given to 300 staff members of the OP and they have all paid for them and title deeds were issued,” said one of the affected Intelligence officers who produced a copy of his title deed.

“The 300 officers have paid K3,000 to the Ministry of Lands each. We have also paid K2,800 to the surveyors and K2,500 to a Chinese constructor as contributions to the township roads. So, imagine spending this much and then someone comes and gives away the land to his cadres, what do you make of it?”

The sources wondered why the President had respected his cadres more than Intelligence officers who were protecting him.

“It’s so surprising that President Lungu has given much respect and power to the cadres than the people that protect him. These are the people he is asking to be loyal but he does not respect them and he doesn’t care about their plight,” the sources said.

The sources explained that the land in question was too sensitive to be occupied by political party cadres.

“The land he has given to cadres is very sensitive and he is making the OP work difficult because cadres will be interfering with the operations. This [land] is just next to the OP facility in Lusaka West. This is a serious breach of national security,” the sources said.

The sources further disclosed that Nkhoma addressed the affected officers and told them that President Lungu had ordered that no one interferes in the matter until after elections.

“Cadres have become OP on their own now, to the extent of even insulting officers who went to the site to question them. They even chased the officers with pangas. These cadres are so arrogant because they are doing things in the name of the President. So they are there and you will find them even now if you went there,” explained sources.

“We complained to Director department one (D1) Lawrence Chalungumana and Director General Nkhoma over the land but they all said they can’t go against the President’s directive that we should not to tamper with the cadres who are on the site.”


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