Lungu goes for constitutional court president

– Says she is incompetent and shares lawyers with Hakainde Hichilema

Corrupt thief Edgar Lungu has asked his agents in his third term bid to attack one of the constitutional court judges Hilda Chibomba.

Through Dan Pule, Wright Musona and other caricatures he is paying to push his illegal, term term bid, Lungu wants the president of the Constitutional court to recuse herself, that is, stop hearing the case.

According to Lungu, judge Chibomba shares lawyers with the UPND and so ate must recuse herself.

There about 700 practicing lawyers in Zambia against a population of 15 million so the chances of two or 1000 people sharing one lawyer should really not be an issue because there is no connection in cases.
If the other party checked, they will discover that Lungu also shares lawyers with a lot of other judges.



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    kachassa 3 weeks

    watchdog funs are somehow tribalist there is no way anything lungu is involved.why don’t u just write without involving the head of state so that people can take u serious at times.wait God is watching one day your so called kotolola will be the president we will see how he is going to handle you.some of you will die of depression & genuine in your writings.

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    KwaBulozi 3 weeks

    Dan Pule is a shameful creature.

    Once upon a time He, Joshua Banda and others were seen as young and vibrant charismatic christian leaders – the best that Hillcrest Secondary in Livingstone has ever produced.

    Today they are just puppets of a useless chap like Edgar who is not even a Christian but a lapsed Muslim who drinks whisky (haram). All for the love of money and tribal instincts.

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    Mukwa Namwaka 3 weeks

    It Is interesting to point out that Edgar Lungu, Hilda Chibomba and Mulela Munalula were classmates at UNZA Law School. On grounds of consistency they should not have sat on the Presidential petition. But They did and nobody raised issues. Why now?

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    melody kanyanta 3 weeks

    Judge chibomba should not recuse herself because apart from judge Munalula the rest are idiots corrupt and tribalists who think small by selling the country to fellow idiots.

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      abilima 3 weeks

      So, how do you single out Judge Chibomba as not being an idiot and tribalist?