Lungu goes to meet Mugabe

President Edgar Lungu this morning left for Zimbabwe to thank that country’s dictator for helping him in the elections. Lungu landed in Harare at 10 hours and is expected to return in the evening.
Mugabe was supposed to be the one travelling to Zambia to meet Lungu but following Mugabe’s falling the other day, the Zimbabwean dictator told Lungu to travel instead.
Lungu has taken some days off from Lusaka to Mfuwe where he is meeting all sorts of crooks from Nigeria and other parts of the world to agree on how he will reward them for funding his campaigns. Lungu is also receiving treatment for his beer induced ailments.
Government officials with Lungu have told the Watchdog that the normally quiet Mfuwe village has been turned into a casino.
‘Nigerians, Chinese, Indians, shady Zambians, Angolans and Zimbabweans all setting up meetings with lungu. I think Lungu did not come here to set up cabinet, but to set the stage for grand corruption,’ a government official, told the Watchdog.
“You will be amazed with occupancy in the lodges of foreigners. I think Zambians just configured a government of thieves,’ the source said.
Lungu also met crooked Professor Clive Chirwa who we hear gave him a design of how to develop Zambia

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