Lungu has already accepted IMF merciless measures

Outgoing President Edgar Lungu and his PF Government have already accepted an IMF bailout that will see a 3 years wage freeze for civil servants and other quasi government institutions.
The measures also include an employment freeze and government restructuring that will see civil service jobs being reduced through refreshments and early retirements.
According to the more than 300 page document by the Ministry of Finance that has been seen by the Zambian Watchdog, Lungu has also agreed to increase fuel up to K19 to K21 per litre depending on whether it’s diesel or petrol.
The measures that will be implemented immediately after elections should the PF win elections this coming Thursday also include a more than 350 percent increase in electricity tariffs and a return to maximum loadshedding.
Currently the PF is importing electricity from the Turkish ship docked in Mozambique with a view to mitigate and reduce loadshedding during the election period. This ship, which is connected to former President Rupiah Banda’s dealings, is currently supplying electricity on credit.
Part of the money for the PF operations and materials also came from these connections through the ZESCO Managing Director Victor Mundende who is personally importing and distributing PF regalia from his farms in Chilanga.
Other measures will involve an immediate increase in various taxes including an increase on RATSA penalties.
The measures will lead to an immediate increase in the prices and essential commodities,
All these painful of measures are due to PF massive increase in debt as the PF has borrowed more than the 27 years of UNIP rule.

The document also outlines several other measures such as removal and reduction in government support to the education sector such as removal of student bursaries.

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