Lungu has already printed materials for 2021

Lungu has already printed materials for 2021

Illegibility case rendered irrelevant, Lungu has already printed his 2021 presidential campaign materials
By Nason Msoni

Nason Msoni who heads the opposition APC says it is now clear that President Lungu is contesting the 2021 elections regardless of the court case.

Msoni says President Lungu has so far even printed all his campaign materials for 2021 elections and that it is certain no one will stand on his way.

He says:

Whatever the outcome of the constitutional court regarding the eligibility case of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for a third term bid, the truth is the country needs a new direction.

Putting one and one together, our reading into this is that it is now apparent to everyone that Mr Lungu will be on the ballot without a shadow of a doubt going by the fact that he has printed nearly all of his 2021 campaign materials before even receiving a go-ahead from the concourt.

So where exactly does this conduct leave the constitutional court in terms of its relevance and building public confidence in the institution?

The relevance of the institution has clearly come under serious scrutiny going by the recent embellishments in the style and manner of handling constitutional matters.

Keeping Jobs afloat cannot be at the expense and detriment of dispensing equitable Justice.
The Zambian public is keenly watching the institution and a time to demand its scrapping is not too far from here and is subject to the conduct of the men and women privileged to sit on the bench.
In a democracy, accountability is not just for political leaders but everyone is expected to be held accountable for their actions.
The prelude to lawlessness and anarchy in any society is born out of playing double standards in the interpretation and application of the law.

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