Lungu has rendered us politically useless- Siamunene

Siamunene with his master Lungu

Siamunene with his master Lungu

Former Sinazongwe UPND Member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene says his political career and that of his fellow rebel Greyford Monde had grounded to a halt because president Edgar Lungu cheated them.

 Siamunene, who is holed up in Choma after losing an election petition to incumbent Gift Sialubalo, has told his confidants that he felt neglected and discarded by the PF after using him as a campaign strategy in the 2016 elections to prove to the Zambians that Lungu does not hate Tongas by elevating him and Monde to cabinet positions.

 Sources close to him say Siamunene is regretting having left the UPND after Michael Sata dangled some carrots on his face which he grudgingly accepted in order to make a fortune for himself saying had he not made a decision to work with PF, he still would have been an MP as people would have voted for him if he had stood on the UPND ticket.

 He says before adoptions, he and Monde told the PF to choose other neutral members of the party to contest in Sinazongwe and Itezhi-Tezhi but that Lungu himself insisted he wanted the duo to stand because they were known, without realizing that he wanted them out of the system because he had no more use for them.


“This man is regretting. He says if he had not accepted to work with the PF, his political career would not have come to an abrupt end. He blames everything on Lungu and senior party officials whom he is accusing of scheming his downfall.


“He says he had advised the party not to adopt him but that it insisted that he was going to be its candidate knowing that once he lost, he could not be appointed to a cabinet position according to the constitution. He is a lost soul. He is a bitter man because he never thought his career would come to such a loose-end. You remember before the elections last year, he was bragging that his political career never depended on UPND? He has now learnt it the bitter way and it is too late to rekindle his political fortunes,” the source said.


The source said Siamunene was contemplating going back to the UPND to beg for forgiveness but that it was hard for him because of the damage he has caused to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and the strained relationship with most of the senior officials in the party.


Siamunene, Monde, and Dawson Kafwaya are among some former members of the UPND who left the party to join the PF after being promised “a promised land” but are now leaking the wounds of defeat as their paymasters have now turned their backs on them.

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