Lungu hires Israeli crooks to rig 2016 elections

THE Patriotic Front has engaged an Israeli company, Timor Consulting, to help it win the 2016 general elections. PF sources have disclosed that President Edgar Lungu met with directors of Timor Consulting at State House to discuss ways in which the ruling party could be guaranteed victory in next year’s elections. According to a proposal which Timor Consulting pitched to President Lungu, the company boasted of having experience in identifying target groups, public opinion and campaign strategies needed in order to win an election. Timor Consulting, which has offices in London and Tel Aviv boasted that it had helped political parties win elections in Sierra Leone, Mozambique and Botswana.

“Timor Consulting comprises a dynamic group of consultants who are consistently at the forefront of prestigious international campaigns, particularly in Africa. We offer our clients a unique skill-set that couples strategic expertise with practical on the ground experience,”  the proposal read in part.

“The Timor Consulting team members have worked with high-profile corporate clients, mayors and Heads of State in dozens of countries, across the globe, including three successful presidential campaigns in Sierra Leone, Mozambique and Botswana.” The company boasted that it has a success record of winning elections around the world using research-based strategies. “Timor Consulting provides expert strategic advice and campaign management to clients around the world to help meet a wide range of challenges and coordinate all aspects of both political and corporate campaigns. We bring insight and experience using our unique methodology of research-based strategies, helping leaders around the world to win elections, create and reform policies, and develop competitive and relevant messages,” Timor stated. “Our methodology allows leaders to understand and harness the underlying public opinion, accurately identify target groups, and gain additional support until victory is achieved.” The company further claimed that it had the ability to localise its methodologies in any country.

“Timor Consulting has the flexibility and adaptability required to produce high-quality research in challenging environments, a skill proven through our vast experience of successful election campaigns across the globe. This gives us the ability to localise our proven methodologies to best fit the countries in which they are implemented,” read the proposal in part. But some PF members expressed worry that Timor Consulting would exhaust the campaign resources. “The President is not leaving any stone unturned because he desperately needs a fresh mandate and we have no problem with that. The problem is that most of the campaign money is going to this same company and the party is ignoring the grassroots. The senior party members are even failing to disclose how much money we are paying this company,” sources said. “We all want to win, but they want to leave us to campaign without resources. Already there is no money coming through from the party structures in the provinces. When you ask the leadership, they are saying money will be provided when the campaigns start, but now we are hearing about this company called Timor Consulting.” When contacted for a comment, PF secretary general Davis Chama said he was not aware of the correspondence between Timor Consulting and President Lungu. “I am not aware about it, and we don’t need a consultant. I am the consultant myself, I am the full package,” said Chama. –


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