Lungu in Mfuwe, may resuffle cabinet

Dictator Edgar Lungu last night flew from Johannesburg to Mfuwe in Eastern Zambia.

Watchdog sources believe Lungu is considering reshuffling his cabinet while eating game meat.

When Kenneth Kaunda was president,  he often made major pronouncements while on or after a retreat to Mfuwe.

Levy Mwanawasa also often used to go and reflect in Mfuwe.

Rupiah Banda used Mfuwe to cut deals and meet international con-men.

Lungu will probably make some meaningless but expensive reshuffles to his cabinet which will just be moving one minister, PS, ambassador  from one position to another.

By reshuffling cabinet, Lungu hopes to divert attention from the embarrassment he has suffuered from the time he declared a state of emergency, which by the way no one in government talks about any more.

If there is one thing Lungu has learnt in the past few weeks, it is that dictatorship has no place in Zambia.

We doubt Lungu will ever arrest opposition leaders unless he is demon possessed.



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